The beating heart

An ancient passion

My name is Vincenzo Adduci, and I am the founder of Terre d’Aquesia. Wine has always been my passion, but it was only in 2019 that it also became my job. Actually, for twenty years I have worked as a chemical engineer for several companies, both national and international. In particular, I have used biotechnologies to develop chemical processes for the pharmaceutical and the petrochemical industry. This long experience has been of great advantage when I decided to take up study again, obtain a degree in Viticulture and Oenology, and realize the old dream of growing the grapevine and making wine.

The path

History, personal experience and legend blend together in the symbol of Terre d’Aquesia. On one side it depicts the pilgrim’s shell.

In fact, the winery is located along the Via Francigena. But I myself feel like a pilgrim in the world of wine, an explorer who follows a personal journey to discover aromas and flavors. Finally, the symbol also recalls the cherry blossom, which marked the foundation of the local Pugnaloni Festival.


Our work revolves around the study and valorization of the local winemaking tradition.

Our aim is to make wines that integrate the characteristics of the native grapes, the features of the natural environment, and the preferences of the market, both at the local and the international level.

Vincenzo Adduci Terre d'Aquesia

A unique cultural expression

For me, wine is a unique cultural expression, due to the variety of factors that come into play in its production: natural environment; tradition and typicality of a territory; people’s tastes and habits; science and technology; art and creativity.

Vincenzo Adduci

Founder of Terre d'Aquesia


During the weekends it is possible to come and visit the winery

You will be guided by the winemaker to visit the vineyards and taste the wines, served with tasty platters of local cured meats and cheeses. Tuscia offers beautiful places to visit in the name of art, nature and sustainability.

You can book your visit by sending a WhatsApp message by clicking on the icon opposite, or by filling out the form HERE

Terre d'Aquesia


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